She’s crafty!

I have always had trouble finding the perfect tool to clean the counters with. I always loved sponges, but those commercials with all the bacteria dwelling within them terrified me! I then moved to paper towels, but I am easily influenced by advertisements and I felt I was creating my own garbage dump (exaggeration was necessary).

I knew that I loved using cloth hand towels, but hated spending the money on something to clean counters with and also the towels never washed or dried well.  SO instead of buying hand towels or just not cleaning the counters (which I had contemplated) I found an old white towel and cut it up. That’s right folks. I cut up the towel. I cut it in squares – literally big enough for my hand to fit on and started wiping the counters off.  They worked. It was true love – well as much as I can love the idea of a utensil created to clean. When I was finished I just threw them in the washer and moved on to my next towel; also, because it came from a towel and I made them so small I had a ridiculous amount of hand towels.

The love faded. After washing the cloths they began leaving little white fillament all over the counters and everywhere else. Sad. My wonderful invention was fraying apart. LIGHT BULB! I got out my handy dandy sewing machine that I can literally only sew a straight line with and hemmed up the edges. Now they are cute, inexpensive, and totally efficient!

Check it out! SO cute!


Picture 201

Sorry that one is a little stained, but they were so cheap I can either ignore the stains or throw it away.

I love this Do It Yourself project because with DIY, if I can do it ANYONE can!


An old towel


Sewing Machine



1. Cut towel into desired shape and size

2. Hem up the ends of the towel  (if you are feeling really pokey you can add some fun stiches)

3.  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is about as crafty as I get!


One response to “She’s crafty!

  1. I disagree about you not being are light years ahead of me!

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