The Kayaks Have a Home!

Not only do the Sykes have a home, but the kayaks have a new little nook in the garage. The kayaks have used many random things as a stand.  They had spent much time outside and endured much damage, but now they are cozy in their home.  AND it will be super easy to put them on the truck – too bad the summer is coming to an end, BUT I do sense a kayaking trip in the near future.

While I was sick on Saturday boy spent all morning creating his own dolly/ pully system in the garage. We had looked around for a system that would work for the kayaks in the garage, but could only find mega expensive prices for the yaks. We looked a little closer at the systems and they all consisted of the same thing: pullys and rope.  We could buy that at Home Depot. So we did. We bought a bunch of pullys and Greg made his own system to hang the kayaks in the garage.  The grand total….$30. Awesome! BLOW IT OUT YOUR HOLE AQUASLINGS (this was the company that was charging $60 for just one kayak)!

Check it out:

Welcome home! Picture 180

Picture 181

Not only do the kayaks have a home, but the cars can now park in the garage. YAY! I really feel like this house is ours now – we have a place to park our cars.


3 responses to “The Kayaks Have a Home!

  1. Yay! I can’t wait to feel like our house is our home… I think it might be a while. 🙂

  2. woot woot. they look like awesomeness.

    oh, and wtf. just for you.

  3. Way to go, Greg!!! You engineer that thing! Ready for a yak trip myself sometime.

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