Artsy fartsy

In the last few years I have found some cheap and easy ways to decorate our MANY places we have lived. A few things have carried over from place to place and few things have been tossed. One thing that will stay with us for a while are these canvas paintings that I painted.

I am by no means an artist. I took a couple of drawing classes in college and then got to the drawing naked people part and got very uncomfortable. I would draw bathing suits on my drawings…the teacher did not like that. For some reason I am VERY uncomfortable with nudity. Needless to say, I didn’t continue in art. BUT trying to create some unique pieces in our homes has brought me back to the drawing table…sorry.

These canvas prints were SO easy and cheap to make that anyone could do them to make a room look unique and all your own.

Luckily I had these canvases donated to me by my friend Katie, a kick butt real designer. They had some awful cityscape on them and they just needed to be painted white. If you look closely (in person) you can see the texture of whatever was on it before the Sykes masterpiece.

This actually didn’t cost anything at all because I happened to have all paint, canvas and supplies. Why can’t everything be free?

canvas prints

For all you fools who want to try this on your own here are some easy steps.

1. Find some inspiration. Look in catalogs and magazines for that flare to hit you. The inspiration for the tree was from a West Elm catalog and I am not sure where the daffodil came from – I think fireworks morphed into daffodils.

2. Get some paint. Now that you have your inspiration and hopefully your colors head to Michael’s and buy some paint and paintbrush (don’t forget your 40% off coupon that comes in the weekly paper)

3. Draw whatever you want with pencil ( I did not do that with these paintings – I was a gambler)

4. Paint your canvases white (if there was something there before) and get to paintin’

Whatever the size or the fashion; anything can look good. Here is a link of some more steps from Young House Love that are very inspirational. This blog actually encouraged me to get to painting again. I think I am going to do the pears for our bedroom next. I love the colors!!! But this time I think I may have to buy the canvases – boo. Maybe they will give me a canvas if I bring a Camaro?


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