In an effort for free pizza

I am always trying to save a few pennies. Today when my friend Kris sent me this article I knew it was for my benefit of free food.

I love food – I love free food even more. My husband can attest to my absolute love of free food. On Saturdays when we go to The Home Depot I will wait outside until they begin serving hot dogs (occasionally on Saturdays a bank will hand out free hot dogs at The Home Depot).  At KSU I would attend many religious meetings just for the free food. I once went to Catholic mass just so I could get a free burger…I am not Catholic and I didn’t even know anyone there, but damn the burger was good. I sat on the picnic bench and carried on Catholic conversation and ate my wonderful burger. I LOVE FREE FOOD!

So, I came across this article and considered buying a Camaro for a free pizza – because nothing is better then free pizza! Thanks for the heads up Kris! For those of you also considering the idea of a Camaro let me know – we can have a pizza party!  PIZZA PIZZA PARTY! Chomp. Chomp.


5 responses to “In an effort for free pizza

  1. If you go in with a mullet & a Camero you can get two pizzas!

  2. Jack loves a deal too 🙂 He might not even like the thing that is free and he will get it anyway and eat it and enjoy it! Ha!

  3. Spencer and I once sang “This Little Light of Mine” at a Mexican restaurant for free dessert. This was before we had kids, too. Embarrassed the heck out of the couple we were with, but the sopapilla sure was tasty!

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