An Ode to the Blogosphere

Over the summer I have become addicted to the blogging world.  I have spent many wasted hours on my new favorite thing: Google Reader. I have all my blogs set up and I just stroll on down reader lane and find anything that captures my imagination.

Of course I have my blogs organized and if I could continue to folder my folders I would do so. The sections I have on my Google Reader are:

Design, Exercise and Eating, Friends, Fun, Teaching, Writing

I want to share my favorite blogs that occupy my time.  I hope that you will enjoy these as much as I do.

Favorite Design Blogs:

Design Sponge Since buying a house Greg and I have been doing a bit of nesting. This website gives me inspiration to make things look pretty. Everything from file folders to plants to old vintage homes look amazing on this website. Design Sponge takes many before and after pictures. This continues to inspire me to buy old and grungy. I can fix anything up and some things just look better grungy…it is called vintage right?

Young House Love: This has been another website that has inspired me in my cheap decorating ways. It is always fun reading about these two update an old ranch. Greg and I hope one day to have a sloppy old house that we can fix up to be our own….one day. But in the mean time – we love our home now and these guys are an encouragement to keep thrifting! Thanks to Bethany who introduced me to this blog.

Favorite Health Blog:

I am mildly obsessed with food and exercise. I spend a majority of my time obsessing over what I get to eat next and where I get to run. I always try to make the food I eat to be holistically good for me – what I mean by that is I always hope to put enough of each food group into my body.

Eat, Live, Run: What I love about this chick is she is usually eating real food and enjoying it. She is also a runner and encourages me to get on the road in the morning. A lot of the girls who maintain these blogs are vegans and eat rice, which is not something I can do. But this chick eats lasagna and wine. I love that!


These are the websites that make me laugh and remind me that I am not the craziest person in the world – even though my husband may think I am the craziest of the crazies 🙂

Emails from Crazy People The website name is self explanatory. Usually hilarious!

Passive Aggressive Notes The author of this site doesn’t update all that often, but it makes me laugh.


The English Teachers Companion Jim Burke writes this blog. He also writes a handful of wonderful books for English Teachers.


The Rabbit Room The Rabbit Room always contain wonderful stories and reviews of books and music. This website is one I often get lost in.


Desiring God Desiring God always makes me think. I believe this is a ministry by John Piper ( I could be wrong).  But I love this blog/website.

I hope you enjoy some fun trails in the blogosphere!


One response to “An Ode to the Blogosphere

  1. and then there is this really off the wall chick named heather who writes her stream of consciousness and her blog reminds me that there are folks who can be loony and write blogs at the same time. lol

    I LOVE google reader…not sure if you read me, but i blogged about google reader a month or so is almost identical to your blog. ha! I guess great minds think alike. winks…

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