Jesser, Jesser, quite contrary how does your garden not grow

Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

In my last post I showed my little greenhouse with Chamomile, Mint, and Lavender.  They are not growing. Above is a sad picture of them. This is how they have stayed for about three weeks.  I have watered them, kept them in the sealed container, and I may have even resorted to talking to them….THIS IS HOW DESPERATE I HAVE BECOME.  It makes me very sad. Also in my outside planter I am having trouble growing rosemary. Come on herbs!

I am very sad about this growing quigmire. Why won’t they grow? I have started the ones that said they need to start inside, inside -as well as the ones that said should be started outside, outside. Any help would be appreciated.  I think I am going to dig up what is barely growing now and start anew.  They aren’t rooting or growing any more. I am also interested in growing Jasmine. I wonder where I could find a Jasmine seedling. I have a lot of questions this evening. Anyone advice is welcome!

I leave you with these fun images of Contrary Mary.

Mary Mary 2 Mary Mary

I thought those images were fun. I wish I could find these images and get them framed for a garden area. I’ll have to look around. Greg thinks I have the design style of a grandmother in a trailer park. These images may support his thesis – but I love ’em.


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