Fun things going on

This is not a cohesive post. I have no theme or topic, but just wanted to post some updates of my life and the life of living in Canton, GA.


Last weekend Greg and I went to Savannah for the weekend and it was wonderfully hot. What I mean by that is that it was a wonderful weekend, but man was it hot. We spent some time on the beach, on a boat, at a zoo, and playing rock band. We stayed with our friends Kimberly and Steven Lucas and were like 10 year-olds playing with our neighborhood friends. It was very fun.

Oatland Island

Oatland Island

The Sugar Shack

The Sugar Shack

Canton Farmers’ Market

Downtown Canton is still doing  a wonderful job of putting on a fantastic farmers market with fresh produce and boiled peanuts week after week.   OH and I could never forget some FREE fancy bags. Our church, Isaac’s Keep, is handing out bags because we love the farmers market and we love Canton. They are free bags and very cute! They are useful for not only produce at the farmers market, but for produce at the grocery store or to put some clothes in to go to the gym. Please come by and grab a FREE bag!

The Carneys and the Fleees

I have been up to my regular thrifting and fleaing.  What I mean by that is searching out cool things at the thrift store and the flea market. I have to say out of all the things the thrift store is my favorite. I have bought some great lamps and a retro library catalog. I am having a hard time with finding good deals at the flea market – although I have found one…a cool retro stool. While in Savannah we went to Keller’s Flea Market and I found some cool old license plates that I liked. There was no price tag on them and they are old license tags, so really how expensive could they be.  We could frame them and they would look great on a wall. There were like 10 of them and Greg and I decided that $1 a piece would be reasonable – or at least I could haggle a little. I approached the two little old men that were running the farmers market and offered them my deal.  WHOA did they get sassy.

Me: Hey, there isn’t a price on this. I will offer you $1 a piece for all of these.

Old man: No, those are antiques and collectibles. How could you offer me $1 a piece on them? Do you know what they are worth?

Me: No, there is no price tag – how would I have any clue what they are worth?

2nd Old Man: A dollar a piece? Do you know what those are worth?

Me: Again, there are no price tags – how would I have any clue what they are worth?

Old Man: These are worth $15 or $20 a piece. You can’t offer me a dollar a piece for these.

Me: Alright. Well thanks.

2nd Old Man: What are you going to do with these for $1 a piece? Do you know what I paid for these?

3rd Old man (who wasn’t even there when the haggling/arguing began): She’s probably going to sell them.

Me to myself: Yes because there is a HUGE market for grungy old license plates.

Me to the old men: Here – I don’t want them for that price. Good luck selling them. You can’t get mad at a price I offer if you refuse to put a price on them.

Sassy. I wish I had a picture of the plates – they were cool (for $1 a piece). Who knew fleees (like carnys, but fleees) could be so sassy?But we did find a cool old stool for crazy cheap. Sorry no picture right now. It has been added to the project pile.


I found a couple of great lamps at the thrift store. The first one below is a lamp I found at the thrift store for $12. I went to West Elm later that day and found the exact same lamp  for $149 – awesome. The picture isn’t that good, but I promise it is the same lamp! And the white lamp looks similar to another lamp at West Elm for like $50. I am very excited.

Picture 105

Price $149.00

Price $149.00

-maybe I should have turned the light on before I took a picture of it!

Lamp #2:

Picture 104

West Elm for $59.00

West Elm for $59.00

What do you think? Similar? Anyone else find any fun used goods?


The last place we lived our wonderful neighbors let us start a garden and the have helped us keep up with it since we have moved. It has been very fruitful. At least twice a week I am coming home with veggies.I will be sad when summer is over and I will no longer have access to fresh maters.

Here is my yield:

How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?

Also at home I am beginning to do some small gardening. We are going to have to wait until next year for the good stuff.

Tiny Greenhouse

Tiny Greenhouse

Herbs in my greenhouse - they are growing VERY slowly!

Herbs in my greenhouse - they are growing VERY slowly!

Basil, parsley and dill

Basil, parsley and dill

'bout time for some pesto!

'bout time for some pesto!

That’s about it over here! Any gardening tips for my little greenhouse? Any fun finds at the thrift store or flea market?


5 responses to “Fun things going on

  1. where’s the sugar shack? i’ve never been there. we might go to SAV for labor day.

    • The Sugar Shack is on the left as your turn onto the beach road. I have no street names – someone else might be able to give you better directions. It is an old stucco shack with delicious ice cream, milk shakes, and perfect beach food. If anyone out there is reading this from Savannah post some directions.

  2. Those are totally the same lamp! Awesome!

  3. Howdy Jess! Fun to see your blog. Hope you update more often than I!

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