Findin’ a deal

Oh the places we will go and the things we will do. Today Greg and I went on a tour of the western side of Georgia.  From Cherokee County, to Bartow County, to Cobb County – we covered it all. But mostly we circled one intersection for about an hour in indecision.

Our goal today was to save some bucks and buy cheap. We are both handy people, so we figure we could buy some crap and make it look pretty, so we went to flea markets and thrift stores to find some goodies. I am not sure if I have quite the artistic eye, but I tried.

Our first stop was in Cherokee County – the local farmers market in downtown Canton which has turned into one of my favorite parts of the week. If you have not been to Downtown Canton’s  farmers market, I highly suggest it. Amazing produce, wonderful community, and free bags to put your wonderful produce in! We got the biggest zucchini and tomato I have ever seen.

After an hour circling the downtown Canton square we packed up our goods in our faux rope bag and descended upon western Georgia. To the flea market we go. I had two addresses to find and typed them in Lula Humps (our TomTom) . She couldn’t find the exact address, but they suggested one instead. Lula usually knows what she is talking about and we are followers, so off we go.  Lula clearly did not know that this flea market was the best around because the road that this  flea market was on ended and no flea market.

Our car circled downtown Acworth twice and finally found the second flea market. Many moons ago I had been to this flea market had spotted Elvis. Also, this was not the best flea market around unless I was looking for a flail (yes I did say a flail -a weapon commonly attributed to the Middle-Ages) -pictured below, stun gun (as I walked past the merchant selling the stun gun he tells me that this is the way to keep my man in check…I thought that was what the flail was for…), cheap lingeria, or stolen goods. This may be an assumption, but how else do these business people possess these used Apple computers, books full of used CDs with names on them, and little children (WHAT? no not really).


The flea market did advertise boiled peanuts and I can’t turn up a good boiled nut, so we were on a hunt.  We went from hut to hut, and finally found the boiled peanut vendor. No go. They had burned the peanuts and they were not selling them. This was NOT the best flea market around. As we leave I can’t help but notice the nice cars outside this dusty old flea market. Who knew? You know what happens when you assume?

I still wanted to find the best flea market around. It said that it was on Highway 92 and Hwy 92 divulged into 3 different paths.  I thought Lula would be of help on this adventure, but she was confused. She continued to tell me to get my white ass back on the interstate…seriously that is how Lula talks to me and she continues to get more angry as we refuse to listen to her directions- we had to turn her off. So we tried Hwy 92 route 1 – this was about ten minutes of circling Hwy 92 to Hwy 41. That was not the correct route.  We tried Hwy 92 route 2 – this seemed hopeful as we were seeing folks on the road who had furniture in their truck. Again, no good. We circled downtown Acworth for a third time. BLAST! Time for lunch and we were not going to best flea market around.

I used to live close to Acworth so we headed to Bar-B-Que street. We saw Cherokee Street and followed this road. Why would there be more then one Cherokee Street close to CHEROKEE COUNTY? Into Bartow County we go and then back to Cobb and then into Bartown County and again we are circling downtown Acworth for the FOURTH FRICKIN’ TIME! Cute town, but dang I was getting hungry.

We stopped at some garage sales and looked at some cute old houses then found our lunch spot. It was delicious.

After lunch we were on our way to thrift stores in downtown Marietta. Value Village here we come. We found 4 amazing chairs  – pictured below. OK they are not amazing – they are disguisting, but salvagable…hopefully. I mean these chairs have quite a hue to them and as we were ripping out off the fabric some grated cheese and a cert fell onto our floor. Gross.

We piled the chairs into the truck and stopped at two more places then on our way home with a Coca-Cola Classic in hand.

If I do say so myself, this was an exhausting day, but well worth the fun we had. Even though we drove in circles and couldn’t find the best flea market around, we had a fun day of laughing at each other and eating bar-b-que.

1 zucchini and 5 giant tomatoes…$4

4 disgusting off white chairs from Value Village…$9

5 ramikins…$5

8 placemats…$4

Bar-B-Que Lunch…$20

A fun day of laughing and getting lost with my husband…SO FUN!

Here are our finds. Let us know what you think about the chairs and if you have any ideas.

Picture 093

Yes that is Greg vaccuming the chair and no that is not a shadow that is the actual dirt on the chair. Don’t worry we are ripping off this fabric and recovering them.

Picture 099

Our finds!


3 responses to “Findin’ a deal

  1. i am def not a “find junk and fix it up kind of person”…it takes a special personality for that. 🙂

    • Well, we will see if we have that personality when they are finished. They may be awful, but I figure we are only down the drain $9. A fun project.

  2. 1. next time you should eat at Henry’s in acworth

    2. i want to see what you do to the chairs

    3. i want to hang out with you and look for the best flea market around together!

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