Summer Lovin’

Day 23

Don’t worry I haven’t yelled at the man this week. I received a letter that our mortgage has been transferred.   I know that this is something that normally happens, but I like to think that Todd Blake transferred my mortgage as quickly as he could because I scared him. That probably isn’t the case, but I will continue to believe that. Sucker.

We have moved all our furniture into the downstairs of our house. We look like regular ol’ homeowners.  We have even made a few meals at the house and cooked dinner for friends.

My favorite things about July so far:


I bought 12 pounds of blueberries from a blueberry seller and have made it through half the blueberries. I should have bought 24 pounds.  I also made a blueberry pie. mmmm….

Blueberry Pie

Braves Game:

We went to the Braves game and watched the good ol’ home team. Some highlights from that evening: I did not get sunburned thanks to a concerned fan who loaned me her sunscreen (always a positive), I had a Coca-Cola with the heavenly ice rolled and chopped from the hands of God from the ballfield, I got to sing “Take me out to the Ballfield”, and I got to root root root for the home team even though they lost. I am not sure if I have ever been to a game where they have won. Fun cheering for them anyway sans the obnoxious Mets fans.

Take me out to the ballfield

Home picked tomatoes:

The garden we started at the place we previously lived is now germinating and producing fruit…well right now a tomato. Here is our first crop. Hopefully there will be more to come. It tasted much better then it looks (even though it looks great). Soon to come : a bijillion tomatoes and cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon and pumpkin.

Picture 083

These are quite traditional things to enjoy over the summer. Soon enough the kayaks will be on the list because we have lakes in our neighborhood.

As soon as I take some good pictures of the house then I will post. Happy summer!


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