Snug as a bug in a rug-Day 16

Day 16

Since move in day we have everything we own physically on our property – maybe not in their homes, but again physically on the property…eh hem…in the garage.

Since the last time we talked it was 6 or 7 p.m. and we had just started moving boxes into the house. Well, even more excitement happened that day and that weekend.

7:30 p.m. June 30, 2009- Greg’s brother,Dave, nephew,Bradley, and dad helped us unload the truck. It took them about 30 minutes to unload all our possessions that fit into a 14 foot truck.  While the big strong men moved heavy furniture, Bradley and I carried boxes upstairs, but he gets distracted by my 29 year old husbands remote control helicopter and is out for the count. I am literally running stairs with boxes. I am determined to put all boxes in their home.

9:30 – We move everything that is physically possible to move in our house – well except the furniture. Our sofa is still sitting in the garage, but no worries all – the T.V. is in place.

10:00 – Dinner with the Willis’. Our friends Jenn and Tim had made us the best pork sandwhiches in the world. It was a great wind down moment. They pack us a cooler because we won’t have a fridge until after the weekend.

10:30 – Time to clean up and go to bed….why isn’t the hot water working. Greg has to light the pilot light. The pilot light doesn’t work. They aren’t coming out for a week to light the pilot light…no warm water for a week.Sad

11:00 – sleep.

6:30 a.m. July 1 – No blinds yet. Very bright in our room. We have to go into the bathroom then into the toilet room to change because we have nothing covering ANY windows.

8:00 – I go to clean up the old place with Greg’s mom and Greg waits on the cable and internet men to show up in their shiny belts to give us communication.  Turns out our phone line had not been hooked to the house, so we can watch T.V. but no phone and internet until after the fourth of July weekend. Darn that holiday – no hot water, no refrigerator, and no cable/internet until after the weekend.

2:00 – Projects completed: 1. Windows covered. 2. Old place cleaned. Two small successes.

2:00-8:00 – Home depot, install things, unpack things, Home depot, Greg gets a new drill, intall things, Home depot

8:00 – CRASH with blinds installed!!!

WHEW what a day.

We survived off family and friends (both our parents brought us food and our WONDERFUL friends Jen and Tim got us Bertolli dinners. But we are self sufficient now and have a refrigerator!

We also have hot water! After two cold showers and a run to Jen and Tim for warm showers and a couple of days with our hair up, we have hot water and it is WONDERFUL! Oh and of course the most important – we have internet.

On another note, Todd Blake with Academy Mortgage called me about the review I filled out.  Here are some of the kind things I said on the review:

“Is this the first mortgage you have ever filled out?”

“As a customer service business, you suck at customer service.”

There were a few other kind tidbits, but this is what I can remember. He didn’t apologize he just wanted to “follow up on the review because it had been eating at him.”

I told him I would not recommend him to anyone and this experience was very frustrating! And then I bitch slapped him through the phone…no I didn’t do that, but emotionally I did.

For all of you wondering out there- we are in the house. Everything works and WE LOVE IT!!!!!! Please call or email and let us know when you want to come see our little casa. It is the perfect first home for us! We can’t wait to show you!


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