Move in Day Part I

Move In Day

There are few days in our lives that guarantee craziness: getting married, buying a house, and having a baby. Rules were broken, schedules were not met, and Tuesday surpassed all expectations of craziness. This is the best recollection of closing and moving day that I can remember.


12:00-5:00 – Call all utilities. Most utilities cannot come out until after the holidays, which is fine because the house has utilities and can keep them on until they can be changed into our name. SO WE THINK…

4:00 – pick up UHAUL for a 10:00 closing. The UHAUL must be returned by 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning – The clock is ticking.

5:00 – The closing has been pushed back to 2:00.

6:00 p.m. – The calm before the storm. Eat BBQ with friends.

8:30-10:00 p.m. – Lowes and Home Depot to shop for a refrigerator and realize that we are not going to have a refrigerator until Friday. Can we exist that long out of coolers?

6:00 a.m. – Wake up to buy a refrigerator to try and get an earlier ship time. This tactic did not work. They will deliver the refrigerator Friday.

7:30-12:00 – Greg and I transport the entire house into a UHAUL by ourselves. We are amazed that our entire house can fit into a 14 ft UHAUL. My friend Jen came over to help us clean up the house. She was a life saver!!!

12:00 – Lunch time. Greg’s mom brought us pasta salad and iced tea. It was a wonderful time to sit down. We begin to get ready for closing at 2:00. Check my email because I still have no clue how much to bring to closing. Jennifer Inuizi from Academy Mortgage has just sent me the closing costs. Awesome. Do people really do business this way?

1:00 – Get a cashier’s check from the bank and I have packed up all my nice shirts so we have to go to Ross to get a shirt. Shoot.

2:00 – Arrive at closing office – Greg has forgotten his phone at home – the attorney’s tell us closing has been pushed back to 4:00 because they haven’t received our paperwork yet. WHAT?

2:15 – Call Todd Blake at Academy Mortgage. He says that the paperwork has just been emailed and didn’t know we were closing at 2:00. REALLY?? Because it is 2:15 and you have just sent the paperwork. Is today your first mortgage Todd? Go to Wal-mart and sit on a bench in the middle of Wal-mart.

3:15 – Arrive back at the attorney’s office. They have still not received our paperwork, but they have old time Coke machine that mixes the water and the syrup. Delicious. I call Todd Blake and he checks on the paperwork that he has already said has been sent. It has not been. He will call me back.

3:45 – Todd Blake calls to tell me that the paperwork has just been emailed. Wait, I thought that happened an hour and a half ago. Awesome.

3:50 – They receive the paperwork and I hear hustling and whispering in the background. They are talking about us. This is an array of whispers. I hear: “Oh, how much money do they have for closing?” “Uh-oh, this is a mistake.” “Well we are going to have to call them about this.” “Oh-no, not a major problem.”

4:00 – The attorney comes out to tell me that the lender was supposed to cover $60 and did not, so we will be charged that money. It is 4:00 and I am exhausted. That is fine – not fine, but Todd Blake has turned off his cell phone so we have not choice if we want this house today.

4:15 – We go to sign the paperwork and realize that Jennifer from Academy Mortgage has mis-quoted us by $1300. I have a cashier’s check for all the money Greg and I have in the world except an emergency fund. WHAT? I begin to shake with anger. Todd Blake from Academy Mortgage is still NOT answering his phone. I break. This is the message I leave on Todd Blake’s cell phone:

“Todd Blake. This is Jessica Sykes. The numbers you have quoted us our incorrect and you have requested we have $1300 MORE then the original closing cost quoted to me at noon today by Jennifer at Academy Mortgage. You have turned off your phone. I will call you every three minutes for the rest of your life until you answer this phone or call me back.”

All men in the office have peed in their pants a little bit.

Three minutes later – Todd has called the closing attorney’s office.

Two minutes later- Cell phone rings:

Todd Blake from Academy Mortgage: “Hello Jessica. So the numbers have been misquoted?”

Me: “Yes, at noon Jennifer sent me an email of the numbers to bring and this is $1300 too much.”

Todd Blake from Academy Mortgage: “Hmmm…well, this is the first time I am looking at your loan.How much money do you have with you?”

Me: “I have a cashier’s check for what you requested at noon.”

Todd Blake from Academy Mortgage: “Well do you have a personal check to cover $1000 of these costs and I’ll cover the rest?”

Me: “I have a cashier’s check for what you requested at noon.”

Todd Blake from Academy Mortgage: “ Right, but do you have a personal check or any cash with you? “

Me: “I have a cashier’s check for what you requested at noon.”

Todd Blake from Academy Mortgage: “OK, well, I will issue a lendor’s credit and cover the $1300 costs myself.”

Basically they wrote the loan for free and tried to sneak in a bunch of fees at the last minute.

5:15- The attorney then tells us that we will not receive the keys until the next morning because her wire closes at 5:30 and it is 5:15. The UHAUL must be returned at 8:00 the next morning. BLART!

5:20 – The attorney leaves the office and comes in.

“Greg and Jess, you may get this house for free. We have made a mistake with the paperwork. You were issued a lendor’s credit and we have given you the wrong numbers. You have brought too much to closing. We will issue you a check. Oh and the lendor is going to cover the $60 that they forgot to put into the closing.”

5:25 – We continue to sign the paperwork. Frustrated that we will not receive the keys today and will have to unpack a UHAUL.

5:30 – The attorney exits the room again. When she comes in she tells us that the owner of the attorney’s office has called and will cover the rest of the cost of the house so we can have our keys today!!! WE WILL GET OUR KEYS TODAY!!!


6:15 – Greg carries me over the thresh hold.

6:30 – Begin moving in…..


4 responses to “Move in Day Part I

  1. Hilarious to read…maybe not so much to live through : ) Don’t you love it when our frustrations and minor calamities are cause for laughter in other people? Love you guys, hope to see you soon (whenever you dig out from the exploded boxes).

  2. Welcome to the world of house closings. Sounds like a really nice bottle of wine needs to have been partaken. Too funny but unfortunately very common. Hope to come for a visit soon.

  3. kris erickson

    WOW! Jess you are an awesome woman:
    “I have a cashier’s check for what you requested at noon.” x3.


  4. omg!!! that is horrible! My homebuying experience was so so smooth!! I am blaming your mortgage lender! Mental note: never, never, never use academy!!! wow! I lol at the cell phone conversation and “peed on myself a little” ha!!

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