The House Hunting Blues

Our houseThis week has been a crazy week! By Wednesday I had worked 40 hours and spent numerous hours outside of work finalizing paperwork to buy a house.  That’s right folks – the nomads are finding a permanent dwelling…well at least for the next three years (if we move earlier then 3 years we have to pay back our Obama money).

We started house hunting about a month ago and we were going to take it slow. We love where we live – we have awesome neighbors and a fancy garden to water.  Why would we say no to such a wonderful set up? Obama money and I am finally working full time hours (without the fancy benefits, but I can’t complain).  We needed to find a home.

We went out on a Saturday and saw about 10 houses. We saw old houses, we saw new houses, we saw fancy houses, run down houses and houses with pink and blue walls. We told our real estate agent we wanted to buy a house that would increase in value and she did an awesome job of doing exactly what we asked.  We liked one of the houses but it was a little far out, so we waited and looked at some other houses that week.  We were only a little excited about one house – so we put an EXTREMELY low offer. This houses was a short sale and we weren’t sure when we would hear back from the bank.  A week later and no word. The next week I was getting anxious. I like to say I am a good waiter, but I am not.
After looking at houses once we knew the neighborhoods we wanted to live in, but we also knew that these houses were a little out of our price range, but I ask her to continue to look in these neighborhoods while we waited to hear from the bank.  Week 2 rolls around and she sends us a handful of other houses and we go look at two.  House 1 was cute – it was in Bridgemill and in our price range, but it looked more like the inside of an apartment.  House 2 was the one. We walked in and I wanted to go home and get my stuff immediately.  This house is in a perfect location for work for both myself and Greg, it is down the road from our fun friends Jen, Tim, David and Mackenzie,  and it is just adorable.  It was a builder’s closeout. We made an offer that day and anxiously waited until the next morning. They had accepted our offer and also offered to buy down the interest rate. The closing date is June 30.

We are both excited! Now comes the fun part- the mortgage. Greg is convinced in order to be in the mortgage business one has to be able to count to ten and know 75% of the alphabet.  Over the last few weeks they have lost our paperwork twice and today at 1:58 on June 25th, not told us how much cash to bring to closing – which is in three in a half days. REALLY? AMERICAN MORTGAGE CRAP HEADS? REALLY?

Today we are packing furiously, looking for a refrigerator, and looking for a couch. If all goes well we will no longer be nomaids, but escrows as of June 30, 2009. I will let you  know if the mortgage people can spell after closing.

I have included a picture of our house.


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