Good Bye Sleep

For years and years I have been complaining that there isn’t enough time in a day – I was always wanting more.  Well, I have just accomplished that – amazing right? Since being out of school,  I have experienced somewhat of an adolescent experience of living off much less sleep and by much less sleep I mean  I require half of the sleep I required only two sweet weeks earlier.

For a while I believed I was a cave dweller, hibernating, half bear type person.  I could sleep ten hours a night and still have a couple hour nap during the day (naps only occur  on weekends because of that whole job thing).  I enjoyed my sleep. I loved curling up in bed and being cuddled by my nice white duvet in my queen bed – it was a zen like experience – if you will – and I always did. My bed is like a cloud in heaven and I sometimes believe that when I die my bed will come to heaven with me. I am not sure how theologically sound that is, but seriously that is how wonderful my bed is and the action of sleeping is for me.

In the last two weeks sleep has become much shorter for me.  My mind is rejecting what my body loves so much. At 10:00 the Hawaiin print pajamas and matching bright shirt go on, the fan is turned to the second setting and my eyes close, but my mind runs.  I can’t sleep. At 11:00 I turn on the TV and hope my brain turns to sludge and I fall into a cathartic coma, but at 12:00 I am still bright eyed and bushy tailed – ready to take on the world. Seriously guys, I am still not tired. I mean 12:00 is VERY late – and then 12:30 comes and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, that I usually  DVR, comes on and as of recently has turned into a regular evening activity.  I last another hour and then boom – the natural sleep pattern takes over and I am out. 1:30 folks is my bed time.  This is not a time that I know and love – it is a stranger to me. I really don’t know what to do with this extra three and half hours – what do people do at this time? I mean Kroger closes at 1:00 – they don’t even like that hour.

And you might be thinking – wow she must be sleeping in. Nope, I am up and ready to go sans alarm clock at 7:30. That is six and half hours of sleep. WAMO! I have created more time in my day. Useful time? Probably if I didn’t get in bed at 10:00, but this stuff takes time. Any suggestions welcome.


2 responses to “Good Bye Sleep

  1. I have been having this exact same problem lately too! I think I (and you) have too much on the mind. I end up taking Tylenol PM most nights… It’s not fun. 😦 I feel like I’ve lost the ability to sleep.

  2. so, so sad sista. i here ya. when you solve your problem tell me……

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