A lot of endings

Last week I told Greg that we needed to go out and celebrate because I was finishing school – I realized at that moment that I finish a lot of things. In the last year we have celebrated many ends of semesters of school – a finality of school (for the time being) – and most recently finishing my 12 week teaching experience.

My last week of school was unreal…by unreal I mean the opposite of unreal and exciting. We tested for two days and my last day we watched “Oh Brother  Where Art Thou.”  I watched the first 55 minutes 5 times.  I am not sure if they will miss me or not – or if in a few years they will even remember me, but I will never forget this experience. I will remember these kids when I read, when I run, and when I work.  On my last day I didn’t get very many good byes – a few kids wanted me to come back and share a desk with their current teacher, which would be awkward because there would be only one desk, but more importantly only one paycheck, which would not have my name on it. I am convinced that had I been there the entire year they would not know what to do without Mrs. Sykes.

I am on to a whole new world today and for the rest of the summer and my unknown future. I sit in a cubicle editing and writing copy for The IBM Arrow ECS Newsletter. I am not summoned by five minute bells or final bells. I can go to the bathroom when I please and  I don’t have to worry about my students running around the classroom and not finishing their work and I can call in sick and not have to plan for that sick day for a few weeks and then a few days to make up for that sick day. I also don’t have to work in the evenings. I get off work between 4:00 and 5:00 and go home and don’t have to get on the computer unless I am blogging, facebooking, twittering, or wasting time. It must sound like I hate teaching…I don’t…I am just glad to be done with that particular part time position because coming in at the end of a semester is very difficult.

It is amazing. I even finished the prologue of a book tonight. WHAT?

What is planned for the future?  again unknown, but in the evenings I will be reading – specifically Don Quixote (which is much longer then I expected) and excercising- oh a learning to adjust to quiet. I kind of miss the bell ringing every 55 minutes and throwing dry erase markers at students. Have I mentioned that I am looking for a job?


3 responses to “A lot of endings

  1. It sounds like you had quite an experience… I’m still hoping for you to get your teaching job. 🙂 Enjoy your less-crazy schedule for now. Let’s go for a run together sometime!

  2. Hooray for you!!! i will miss those kids crazy stories though….they make for much entertainment 🙂

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