All Smiles

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to my Alma mater.  That’s right, KSU knocked on my door and beckoned me. Who would have ever thought I would be VISITING KSU and not paying them money to be there? Suckers.

A few weeks ago one of my old professors  asked me to come to her class and talk of my teaching “experiences” – you know all 12 weeks of that experience. I was nothing less then honored to go speak to a group of KSU students who were about to embark on student teaching.

I entered  KSU all smiles. My professor had called in a guest pass for me, so parking was wonderful. I handed in my VIP access and pulled into the golden parking spot – literally 30 feet from the school.

I then entered the KSU Center where time stands still.  In the middle of the KSU Center sat a frat boy looking lost and confused without his frat brothers to comfort him. He had books opened in front of him, but really he was looking for friends- the friends he had partied with on the weekend while mom was away, because we all know KSU frat boys still live with mom, and dad buys them the kegs. Hey, they are 18 right and were never really cool in high school, so nows the time to buy good ol’ boy a keg. Good dad.

I saw a sign for free pizza. I looked at the date and time hoping it was at the right at that very moment  because free food is better then diamonds and gold.  Many moons ago I spent hours trying to find a club or organization that offered me free food at KSU. In fact, I was once persuaded to attend a Catholic Club (I am not Catholic) in hopes of free hamburgers and a date. They had mass I was not allowed in, but instead stood on a porch and made hamburgers…kind of like my mass.  I almost started a petition that they should quit building large empires and parking decks on KSU and just offer free food everyday. The school would never grow, but I would be fed.  Folks, I think we should compare the good with the bad here. Good- free food. Bad- large empires. Just ask Obama.

While leaving I saw a sign that said “Roommate Needed” scattered over various tables.  I wondered, “who really gained a roommate from a flyer on a table at KSU?” Weird. I don’t mean to offend if you have done this. Just sayin’.

As I exited the building and moved on to the English Building I saw a familiar face. I was very excited about this. The man who owns KSU greeted me with a warm mullet and a  weight lifting belt. What was he lifting? I think he was waiting for me, to bench press me- he was wearing the same outfit he had been wearing on my last day at KSU.  My friend Blair and I believe this one man at KSU is the real owner. We would see him everywhere on campus and he was always takin’ care of business.  We know the truth Betty S. and Mr. Pap. I gave him and a nod and smile – maybe he recognized me too.

I walked slowly to my class with a big fat smile on my face. There was literally nothing greater then walking around KSU knowing that I had not paid to be there and I was going to be paid (chocolate chip cookies) to be there. I walked my old halls, saw the Coke machine that kept me alive, and many other grand monuments.  Then arrived in one of my old classrooms to tell others about my experiences.

We talked about teaching – things that need to be changed, things that we love, things that we need to avoid, and lastely something I hope I’ll hold on to for the rest of my life…don’t give up on a kid. Even though the laws are literally pushing kids to be left behind and teachers are becoming puppets in the classroom, don’t ever give up on a kid, because once I give up on one kid, I should quit this profession.


One response to “All Smiles

  1. Brandi Anuskiewicz

    “Even though the laws are literally pushing kids to be left behind and teachers are becoming puppets in the classroom, don’t ever give up on a kid, because once I give up on one kid, I should quit this profession.”


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