A day of dreams

Every day I have lunch duty for 30 minutes at the Cherokee High School 9th grade lunch period. Lunch duty commands me to sit on the stage, eat my lunch, and read a book. I do this with the utmost authority. In fact, sitting, eating, and reading might be the three things I am best at.

I do often wonder what would happen if things got ugly in the lunchroom. There are 10 teachers and literally hundreds of ninth graders. The students could take all over the lunchroom and rule the school. Why do they think we have any authority over them?  Seriously, those camo wearin’ fools would kick some butt, take some names, and run and hide- we would never find them.  I never thought camo was a practical attire, but put in this context of wanting to take over the lunch room, camo is very practical.

Everyday at 11:30, I leave the stage in the lunchroom and meander to my classroom. As I exit the stage I pass a microphone. As I pass this microphone I think to myself, “Self, what would happen if you took the microphone and sang your heart out?” Lives would change, that is what would happen! I would have to sing a country song because they don’t listen to any other type of music, and I would also have to be wearing a camo outfit. Maybe some Johnny Cash- I believe this is the only country singer I could sing withany conviction. Anyway, the song/singer is still up for discussion as with the whole performance. But I tell you what, I would sing my heart out.


2 responses to “A day of dreams

  1. jess, do it man. i love your teaching stories. those are going to be my crazy kids one day i just realized. oh well.

  2. haha, Jess what a silly girl. So that camp character you played wasn’t made up its really your dream?

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