The Basket Shack

I called in sick today. This is the first time I have been out since I have been a “teacher.”  I came home, took a nap, then met Greg for lunch at the Basket Shack.  I don’t know if anyone out there has been to The Basket Shack, but it is quite a piece of work.

The Basket Shack is on the outskirts of downtown Canton and is  a hole in the wall.  When first walking into the Basket Shack you see turquoise walls with checkered blue curtains on the mirrored  windows and a big burn mark behind the fryer.  There are tables in the middle and many seats at the “bar” area.  We were by far the youngest people in the restaurant.

We snatch a two seater in the middle of the restaurant.  I am filled with excitement as I sit waiting for a menu .  Turns out there is no waiting for a menu; instead, there is grabbing a menu from a nearby table.  As looking through the menu I see choices for breakfast and lunch.  Greg and I chatter about how we should visit the Basket Shack for our weekly Saturday morning breakfast date.  Such a quagmire…why had we not considered the Basket Shack for breakfast?  Don’t worry folks, this conundrum will soon be answered.

As we  contemplate the menu, an older lady comes to take our order.  She is well into her 70’s. She is wearing a green leopard print shirt with navy slacks and lipstick. She is quite a sight to be seen.  Her partners in crime are another older lady who is also wearing some sort of brown animal print and a man in his mid-30’s-early 40’s sporting a tight t-shirt and a baseball hat.  I am assuming he is close in relation to these birds.

Greg orders a cheese burger and french fries with an unsweetened tea.  I order a hamburger with hand battered fries and can of Coca-Cola Classic.  How could this meal go wrong?

We wait and observe for what feel like forever for our food.  We only waited for about 15 minutes for our food to arrive.  Greg gets a sweetened tea (I am not sure if they had heard of unsweetened tea before) and I receive a can of Coca-Cola Classic. My burger should have been eaten with a spoon and the magical chili was all over my plate – the chili that I requested not be on the plate.

I devoured half of my burger and felt I had just subtracted years from my life.  In fact if a heart attack comes today I will not be surprised. The food was edible, but not everything I had wished it to be. I certainly could not fly higher than an eagle after this meal.

I am now back at home watching The Jimmy Fallon Show with Elmo, Iced Tea, and Paul Rudd.  An odd assortment of men. “Yea Yea Elmo!”


One response to “The Basket Shack

  1. LOVE the Basket Shack! You should definitely try it for breakfast, it is a slice of old Canton. The food is not bad, but the atmosphere and people-watching/eavesdropping are well worth it. And, I have learned never to special order there. Ever. Oh, and the dude in the t-shirt is red-haired lady’s son.

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